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Residential and Commercial General Contractors in El Paso

MAK Roofing & Construction is an El Paso-based general construction company with over 12 years of construction experience. A knowledgeable staff is necessary in order to complete any project. That’s why we will handle all aspects of your project, from start to finish. Our team combines high-quality materials with professional installation services. For all your interior and exterior painting, roofing, kitchen and bathroom renovation needs, choose MAK Roofing & Construction.

Core Services Provided by MAK Roofing & Construction

The MAK Roofing & Construction team is able to provide a variety of services and all-encompassing care to homeowners in the El Paso area. The following are services in which we focus:

  • Roofing
    Roofs in the El Paso area see a constant barrage of sunlight on a daily basis, all year long. It’s no surprise that roofing maintenance and repairs are necessary to make sure your home is running efficiently. Not only does MAK Roofing & Construction provide roofing inspection services, maintenance and repairs, we also offer flat roof and tile roof installation assistance. It is possible to make your roof more efficient than ever before, all you need is an experienced roofing company to take care of the hard work!

  • Remodeling
    MAK Roofing & Construction offers complete remodeling services to homeowners in the El Paso area. We offer everything from bathroom and kitchen remodeling to home additions, painting, and drywall replacement. Say you’d like to remodel your home’s patio, or perhaps you’d like to add a new porch or decks, MAK Roofing & Construction can take care of it for you!

  • Insulation
    With insulation, homeowners are able to protect their homes from undesirable air leaks. Not only do air leaks make your home’s interior uncomfortable, they can account higher energy bills. With MAK Roofing & Construction’s insulation services, you can keep your home safe from any harm. We offer spray foam insulation and injection foam services. The bottom line is this: with insulation, your home will become soundproof, the indoor air quality will improve, and the structural integrity will be sound.

  • Other Services
    As a general contracting team, MAK Roofing & Construction has the skills necessary to tend to the most common home and commercial construction issues. Stucco, for instance, is a common material used in homes in the Southwest area. Stucco is naturally resistant to fire and, although it boasts long-lasting durability and low maintenance, it still requires regular upkeep. We’re more than happy to help keep your home’s stucco well maintained. Contact us to learn more about our additional services to keep your home looking its best!

MAK Roofing & Construction for the El Paso Area

No matter what you require, be it commercial or residential contracting assistance, MAK Roofing & Construction can proudly provide it. We have been serving the Sun City with excellent, high-class services for over a decade and we see no signs of stopping anytime soon. Let’s turn your house into the home of your dreams. No addition is too grand, no job is too small. When you choose MAK Roofing & Construction, you’ll receive everything you’ll ever need.


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Whether its interior or exterior work, we offer high quality construction services. Check out our options for remodeling, repairs and more.